Strengthening the Criminal Justice Response to Severe Familial Violence


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Board Member Leslie Jones and Initial Founding Group Member Randi King met with Rep. Ted Poe, the founder of the victim’s caucus.  They discussed strengthening criminal justice system responses to severe child abuse defined as child torture, and the difficulties of data sharing across state CPS systems.

Leslie Craig Jones, JD, is dedicated to providing children in abusive situations with a voice and a safe environment within which to flourish. As an adult survivor of child abuse, she is well aware of the difficulties abused children have in seeking protection and being heard. To this end, Mrs. Jones prepared and implemented a high school level program for classroom use that identified child abuse issues important to the specific students attending the class. These issues were reviewed by both the teacher and Mrs. Jones, separately, and addressed by Mrs. Jones in a one hour question and answer session. In keeping with her legal training, Mrs. Jones also sought and obtained changes to Washington State law that protect students from predatory and inappropriate behavior by adults employed by school districts statewide.  Her awareness efforts at district administrative levels lead to the adoption of a teacher in-service training program and Title IX Sexual Harassment Manual for staff and instructors. Mrs. Jones graduated from Texas A&M University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts in History, Cum Laude; The University of Houston College of Law in 1981 with a Doctor of Jurisprudence; and, most recently, a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from The Bush School of Government and Public Service in 2011, serving as the Class Speaker. While her professional background is in the banking industry, Mrs. Jones’ greatest joy is in her family: her husband of 37 years and their two daughters. She is passionate about improving resources for abuse survivors, along with raising awareness and encouraging those who have been injured by abuse to persevere, there is healing.


Randi King , JD currently serves as the Chief Prosecutor of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office Family Law Division. She has prosecuted Child Protective Services cases, juvenile crime, and domestic violence protective orders since 1995. She assists in felony criminal prosecutions in cases in which Child Protective Services is involved. Randi has participated in CASA of Southeast Texas new volunteer training for 18 years and it energized her every time. She serves on the Garth House Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors, Executive Board as Secretary (2 terms), Vice-President, and President (2 terms), and Professional Standards Committee; Jefferson County Child Fatality Review Team, Foster Care Task Force, Adoption Day Committee and Juvenile Board Citizens’ Advisory Council; the Texas Children’s Justice Act Task Force, and has been vice president of Beaumont Community Partners for Children. She organized the county’s Baby Moses law publicity program and regularly makes presentations to community groups and child abuse professionals. Ms. King is honored to have received the 2001 Southeast Texas CASA Child Advocate of the Year Award and the 2006 Texas CASA Lone Star Proud for Kids Award.