Ann Ratnayake is the Managing Director at the National Center for Child Abuse Statistics and Policy. Ann began her career working on children’s  issues at the National District Attorneys Association’s National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse.

As a Senior Staff Attorney,  she  worked strategically as liaison between state prosecutors and federally funded child abuse initiatives. Ann assisted front-line prosecutors on functioning as a subject matter expert. She has drafted legislation, reports and memorandums on child abuse, neglect and other criminal justice issues.  Ann supervised attorneys, communicated with stakeholders and configured grant applications to meet the needs of the field.  She also managed and tracked deliverables, and wrote the final, progress, and semiannual reports for 5.9 million dollars of Department of Justice grant funding.

She  managed complex trial advocacy trainings, conferences, and wrote for NDAA’s publications. Her main area of research focuses on addressing family and domestic violence within the in the framework of the criminal justice system.  Her articles include U.S. v. Jones: Signaling Change to Search and Seizure under the Fourth Amendment, Juvenile Sex Offenses: Finding Justice, and Berghuis v. Thompkins: Invocation and Waiver of the Miranda Right to Remain Silent, and The Confrontation Clause After Ohio v. Clark: The Path to Reinvigorating Evidenced-Based Prosecution in Intimate Partner Violence Cases which is slated to be co-published by NDAA and the George Washington Law Review. She is currently writing the legislative reform chapter  for the upcoming textbook Investigation and Prosecution of Child Torture.

Ann has also worked on Capitol Hill for the he Texas 17 District, at the International Trade Administration, and for the Western District of Texas – Waco Division, Federal Court.  She is licensed to practice law in both Texas and the District of Columbia Bar.  She graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University Mays School of Business in 2005 where she received the Ford Foundation Scholar Award, and from Baylor University Law School in 2009 where she was awarded the Alice Gist Dunaway Foundation Professional Responsibility Award and the Dean’s Academic Excellence Award.  Ann is an advocate for policies that eradicate family violence.