Multidisciplinary National Resources  |  Technical Assistance – High Tech Crimes Against Kids 

CaptureNearly every crime today leaves a digital footprint—whether it’s someone posting images of child exploitation on the Internet, or a group of kids taking pictures with their cell phones of the house they just vandalized. The digital trail is evidence that investigators can use to build a case. provides free training and technical assistance to find digital evidence in child abuse cases. 

American Prosecutors Association |  Technical  Assistance  Child Abuse Prosecution | Webinars

APAThe Child Abuse Prosecution Project is staffed with a team of child abuse professionals and is readily available to provide consultation, technical assistance and training.The American Prosecutors Association offers  training and technical resources for child abuse prosecutors and their multi-disciplinary teams.

National District Attorneys Association |  Child Abuse Prosecution Resources

CaptureThe National District Attorneys Association offers the following resources for child abuse prosecutors:  database of 400+ defense experts, trial motions bank,  compilations of statutes on abuse state-wide child abuse legislation, research articles on child abuse, and an abusive head trauma resource kit.


National Children’s Advocacy Center  | Online Training CatalogLibrary 

NCANCAC has phenomenal resources both for in-person and free online training.  Their large catalog of courses is up-to-date addressing the latest issues in the child abuse field for all levels and types of practitioners.    NCAC’s Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO) provides  an assortment of over 3,200 unrestricted full-text publications including peer-reviewed journal articles, videos, audio files, articles, reports related to child abuse.

National Criminal Justice Training Center | In Person Training Online Catalog

NCJTCNCJTC offers a multitude of federally funded free online and in-person trainings related to Child Abuse/ Neglect, Child Sex Trafficking, Community Policing & Prevention, Endangered, Missing, and Abducted Children, Leadership, Management, and Planning, Sex Offender Management, Technology Facilitated Crimes Against Children, Technology Investigations, Victims and At-Risk Populations.

National Children’s Alliance | Legislative Advocacy Tool Kit | ChildVictimWeb 

NCA 2NCA offers a legislative advocacy tool for Multidisciplinary teams, special webinars on juveniles with problematic sexual behaviors , and  ChildVictimWeb a multimedia, online training resource designed for professionals from all disciplines who work with children and adolescents who have experienced or witnessed serious violence, and evidence based approaches to treatment.