Addressing Statutory Gap Between Assault and Murder: In Cases of  Child Torture


  • Eighteen states have a gap in the criminal statutory code between assault and murder.   Severe and systematic violence not resulting in murder, but is more than assault or endangerment is not addressed in these codes. 
  • For cases of child torture,  prosecutors are forced to use generalized statutes that do not fit the elements and or nature of heinous, torturous acts and thus, often results in miscarriages of justice and dangerous perpetrators released into the public.

National Database of Substantiated Child Abuse Allegations for CPS Investigators

  • The US does not have a national database of substantiated child abuse reports for child protective service investigators to determine if a child has been abused across state lines.  NCANDS  is determining the feasibility of using the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data Set to create national database.

Ideas Incubator 


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